Message from our outgoing Chairman – Patrick Regis

Dear friends and colleagues,

As outgoing Chairman of this great organisation, I just wanted to briefly thank all of you for your great support and generosity over the last few years and extend my very best wishes to you and your loved ones!

I will not capture all of what we have accomplished together, but it is important to have strengthened our engagement with the UK country teams (including the British Council) and the supporting Vietnamese organisations such as VCCI and the VN-UK Friendship associations and accompanying alumni groups – these forge a special connection between our two countries and will help our businesses in country hire talented people and connect more deeply into Vietnamese business and government partners.

Our business events, social networking and charity activities remain strong (stronger in Hanoi) and our reputation as a giving organisation is growing despite occasional setbacks.

Our Board membership is changing with new ones adding new perspectives and ideas, as is our staff and this is healthy for the BBGV as it moves forward and we grow in substance and reach.

Again, all the very best to you and a strong welcome to Nick Holder who takes over as your new Chairman!

Kind regards,

Patrick Regis

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